A Shoreganix LLC Compilation & Safe Haven for Breeders, Farmers as well as those whom bring innovation to the world of wellness. Genetics that have been retired, Equipmet that we grow with & Genetics we’ve grown – we are opening all of our methods to the community! I’ts time for us to share our grow experience, assisting others as we pursue organic, sustainable agriculture!

From seed to weed & Soil to oil, we offer equipment we use to grow as well as extract our flowers!

Whatever your journey may be requiring – Shoreganix can ensure your end result is satisfied & the consumer gains the equipment, seed or soil amendment they desire!

Info@Shoreganix.com – Contact for Consultation, Affordable Cultivation Equipment, Microgreen & Hemp Seed! For Estimates, Canopy Architecture or Garden Installation, please contact with timely notice!

*No hemp or cannabis for sale

Growing with the family:

Welcoming Breeders, Glass Artists & Wholesale Grow Equipment to the forum as we need as many people growing food locally as possible to continue to sustain a quality of good food for one another in each community.

With supply chain shortages, fertilizer shortages & other pending issues – its important to our company that we work to establish quality gardens full of healthy vegetables, fruit – as well as medicinal herbs that have helped us in return!

Get AffiliatedInfo@Shoreganix.com – to join the “latest hype” list of rare seed, flowers, veggies, microgreens & learn to grow sustainably with Shoreganix family secret methods. Members also gain discounts on ALL products from L.E.D. lights to the genetics represented by affiliate breeders to events & cups to show off the grow off! (*Ask About Membership* Info@Shoreganix.com)

Loading the goods!

Shoreganix has been awaiting the farm bill protecting the legal sale of hemp/cannabis seed (under >0.3% THC: tetrahydro cannabidiol), as we are avid farmers with a passion to share our methods of sustainable farming with all – we are slowly building our membership platform & offering discounts on the exact lights/soils we use to grow dank!

“Know Your Farmer” & Support Local Farmers!

Discounted Seeds, FREE seeds, Cultivation Equipment & Canopy Estamtes/Installation Available upon request. Multiple new equipment suppliers – we only supply companies that we use ourselves! If you would like to grow with us & select the herbs you would like to grow – Info@shoreganix.com for a free lesson!

The “Know Your Farmer” Culture:

  • Growing together is one of the best ways to build relationships – as well as grow amazing produce/herbs for all. time & Time again we get the BEST fruit & veggies from local farmers just down the road or a small drive away! This website is for the local farmer seeking advice as well as the equipment/amendments nevessary to produce a healthy crop!

Welcoming local Brands to our network of O.G. leaders!

Join our Cannabiz Network of Brands, Breeders & Organic Farming! Over a decade of managing supply chains has taught us – “Collaberation is KING”! The more we can affiliate with like-minded people & companies, the more we can contribute, as well as receive from the ever-growing Agricultural Industry.


Get Affiliated & Let’s Work!

Representing Top Breeders & Cultivars: Info@Shoreganix.com

So many talented breeders that create some of the most well-known strains that are carried at every dispensary in the North America are even known for creating these legacy strains. We at Shoreganix LLC know many of the legacy growers whom have been denied true notoriety for the herbal medicine miracles they have created – which are saving lives.

Doctors & Scientists are accredited when they create a vaxxine or cure an illness, so, why are the farmers whom are breeding NEW cultivars with LIFE-SAVING cannabinoid compounds being accredited for their work? Largely due to prohibition & now, even more-so due to the classism/ownership (brad & chad owners) that is mass-producing the basic strains that yield well.

We pay homage to breeders.

Our Store Consists of Hemp Seed, Hydroponic/Horticultural Equipment & A membership platform of gifted seeds, a nutrient routine – along with a monthly gift to enhance your garden! Staff is available 24/7 for orders, questions regarding products or grow methods. Shoreganix LLC. will advise those seeking information regarding the best product – to grow the best crop – at the best price!

Our non-profit, supporting patients rights to affordable medicinal access:

We began a community of Medical Cannabis Patients around the Jersey Shore in 2017, our affiliate non-profit organization “Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. works specifically with patients to educate them – or their caregiver on the medical aspects of recovery via the plant.

From fruits to veggies & herbs, we are sharing the exact cost-effecient methods of organic, craft gardening & quality equipment we use on our own crops for all to grow dank!

Brandon C., Founder & C.E.O.

Our Shop is in the process of loading new equipment & seed that helped us grow along our process – so these will be the products we offer to all. We want to offer the companies that have given us the best results over the years & we’re pleased they have decided to work with us! Collaboration is king – this is why we are willing to working with you! Let us know

Shoreganix LLC. has been fighting for patients rights to affordable access to select cultivars since 2015, we know the best we can do at this time for our friends. followers, community & the local culture is to ensure quality breeds are available to the public.

All Hemp seeds & seed sales are protected under the Agricultural Act of 2015, amended in 2019 to permit the state to state transfer of hemp products containing <0.3% THC. Shoreganix LLC. does not promote the illegal cultivation in jurisdictions where cultivation is not permissible. All seed is sold for souviener purposes & are not for resale.