Formed in 2017, Shoreganix LLC has positioned the organization to supply multiple pieces of the agriultural industry – directly to our community as well as friends in states across the northeastern, U.S.

Gear We Use & Seed we Grow – to our community.

After 2 decades of advocacy for cannabis legalization in New Jersey, Brandon C. (Founder/CEO) of Shoreganix has helped us find the companies allowing us to bring quality Horticultural products to our community (affordably) & we can successfully support our customers with accurate information on each crop – small gardens to commercial canopy producion.

We are growing fruits, herbs & vegetables with the same equipment, soil amendments as well as seed we offer to our community! We welcome anyone seeking assistance with their project/garden to get in touch directly so that we can get you the product you need for your garden – when you need it – at the best possible price.

With the multiple genetics as well as nutrient lines available within the Shoreganix library – we aim to assist all those we consult with the pure knowledge we have obtained from hands on experience in the dirt! Growing your own produce & herbs is as therapuetic as it gets. Giving life to the plant, nourishing it through each phase of growth & nurturing it until harvest can truly assist in everones appreciation for what they put in their bodies…. not to mention – when you grow your own, everything is better !

With sustainable farming advancements, Shoreganix LLC. prides ourselves on assisting others to produce fruit, vegetables & herbs via organic methods of farming – opposed to the widely used synthetic based cultivation of crops.

As the cannabis industry expands from state to state, our organization has slowly moved away from “the industry”, in pursuit of further sustainable gardening for the potential hard times that could lay ahead of our economy – Shoreganix LLC is preparing to assist your gardens need. Contact us for specific products – or questions regarding our seed program! –

Working with multiple communities of small farmers has helped us find our niche in the agricultural space of Northeast, U.S.! If you have any questions regarding cultivation equiment, methods of cultivation or specific genetics feel free to contact us via email anytime!

All Hemp Seed is compliant under the Agricultural Act of 2015, “Farm Bill”, containing no more than >0.3% THC within the state to state transfer of any Hemp Products. *No hemp or “cannabis” seed is ever for sale by Shoreganix LLC. nor any employees of the compaby for the illegal use of Hemp Seed! Please follow the laws in your state/country regarding Hemp Seed.

57 S. Main St. #213,

Neptune NJ 07753