The Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.

A Non-Profit Community Organization. EST 2016

Herbal Education, Local Empowerment & Local Business

The Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. & The Jersey Cannabis Network will be hosting the first annual, Jersey Shore Hemp Festival in July, 2020. The annual event is open to the public, on the beaches of the Jersey Shore with an outdoor VIP lounge & Hemp/CBD innovation from across the nation. The festival will be host to some of the latest Hemp Processors, Farmers & Ancillary services.

The Jersey Shore Hemp Festival will be held at the Berkeley Ocean Front Hotel in Asbury Park, New on New Jersey. The 3 ballroom, 100 table vendor festival with a full set of bands, DJ's, libations & Hemp industry Networking will be announcing a final date for the event on New Years Day (1.1.2020)!

Hemp Festival Date Announcement:

January 1, 2020

Affiliates, Vendors, VIP:

Greetings From Asbury Park!
Get involved with the Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. We are a fully self-supporting, non-profit organization, working towards the betterment of healthcare, education, patient access & economic opportunity for ALL socio-economic classes of the Jersey Shore communities as well as the our fellow, "Medical Marijuana" patients of New Jersey.

Contact us at to get in touch regarding upcoming events, membership applications or general questions!

The Asbury Park Cannabis Community works with local Jersey Shore patients, businesses, doctors & herbal healthcare professionals, to re-educate New Jersey communities on the always innovating medicine of cannabis. Our non-profit community organization consists of passionate volunteers, whom work selflessly to remove the negative stigma that has been placed on marijuana with simple fact & stories of natural recovery from suffering!

Since the beginning of history, we can look back and see cannabis used as a medicine across the globe. Artifacts & hieroglyphics display the use of cannabis in caves of the Myans, African Tribes & Egyptian temples, traced back to the begging of time. Tribes across the Earth have been using Cannabinoids (A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors, which are part of the endocannabinoid system.)

Our focus aims to continue the integration of fact based cannabis health, a new era of herbal medicine education & economic opportunity to all socioeconomic classes. The goal of the Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. remains to rehabilitate communities that have been harmed by American Drug Policy & Law, by educating as well as empowering the NJ communities  directly harmed by cannabis prohibition.

As people in recovery, that come from communities that have been destroyed by drug war laws, we aim to re-build the economy of our local communities through including them within Cannabis Industry Opportunity. It is only JUST that the communities target by the War on Drugs are given equal opportunity in healthcare & industry of cannabis. After years of unjust "criminal" persecution, our communities & citizens seek to gain equal opportune employment within the growing industry of cannabis. The A.P.C.C. Inc. is a community organization open to all those seeking information or to volunteer their time to better patients rights as well as the future economy of the communities/individuals targeted by prohibition.

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