Most cannabis advocates believe that cannabis legalization occurs when people vote on a measure, pass it, and then the local state government issues licenses for people to legally enter into the cannabis marketplace.While this is “true” in a technical sense – the truth of the matter is that this is not how it plays out. You see, in most cases, the rules around legalization are drafted in such a way that it benefits those who have money, which creates a significant hurdle that keeps “the poor” out of the game.

As a result, multi-billion-dollar firms are being created and run by – in many cases – millionaire-assholes who could give two shits about legalizing weed EXCEPT for the sake of making a profit.

Firstly, BIG Marijuana is only bad if they keep the small grower from participating in the marketplace. Then – it’s a monopoly and we know that monopolies tend to provide inferior products with inferior customer services and a low estimation for innovation.

Big Marijuana is a concept of control, not a concept of cannabis. It is also “Corporate Cannabis” where CEOs and Board Members make decisions for firms who buy up smaller firms. Essentially, it’s a bunch of Wall Street Cunts trying to milk the cannabis industry for everything before it even existing.

Big Marijuana is a bad thing for everyone because it will limit innovation, access, and choice. It will force-feed you brands from people like John Boehner – who profited from putting people in prison using the war on drugs – putting money into the pockets of folks who could give two shits about you and me.

Every cannabis reform should make getting cannabis licenses as expensive as getting a license to sell beer. This is precisely why I’m recommending a $1,000 license cost per year – because that’s about the same price as it costs to get an alcohol-license. Considering that weed is less dangerous than alcohol it would make sense to keep the cost of the license low as well.

Secondly – support your local farms. These are not people here just for the money, they are also a part of your community. Smoke bud that was grown with care – not by cucks looking to score on some dank bush.