Jersey Cannabis Network

The Jersey Cannabis Network has been established to create a standard for how we work with cannabis as a medicine, industry & community in New Jersey.

We are hosting monthly events to introduce the cannabis community of New Jersey to one-another. For years, "canna-curious" consumers were forced to keep their cannabis use hidden. We no longer have to keep cannabis consumption & conversation a secret from our "Professional" colleagues, lives & careers.

Through years of advocacy, recovery from addiction & research during the prohibition era, we have built a community & network that is advanced in all areas of cannabis business developement.

Business does not exist without science, therefore we will be presenting professionals with a passion for cannabis creation at each event. There is opportunity to mold the cannabis vision & representation by consumers as well businesses in New Jersey, "The Garden State".

Join the Conversation & Grow With Us!

We are starting the conversation & passing the joint (figuratively speaking) to you! Show up to the events, share you interest, represent your brand, meet with like-minded individuals & build your team of cannabis professionals!

It is time New Jersey Unite to create the best plans & grow th best cannabis for our communities. The advancement in cannabis cultivation methods, successful business models vs. failed business models & what it will take for a cannabis business to sustain this competitive market - will all be discussed monthly by educated & professional speakers.

We will have a new topic every month. The J.C.N. is seeking to spark the cannabis conversation in all fields of business. From medical ,legal, financial, art, & more we anticipate uniting individuals and organizations to stay on top of current cannabis information.

Contact: Info@JCNetwork.org

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Next Steps...

Please be patient as the website is under construction. With NJ law evolving towards legalization, we thought it necessary to begin the community conversation immediately. Stay in the know and contact us to get on the mailing list.

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