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Shoreganix LLC. supports the innovation of CBD & cannabis regmiens as an alternative to opioid medication. Our successful Cannabinoid Regimens began with a combination of THC & CBD oils, infusion & extractions, used to treat the chronic “Opiate Epidemic”.  Over the last 6 years we have found recovery from Addiction & Terminal suffering from opioid pills using combound blends of cannabis/hemp cannabindoids. These “Cannabinoids” are essential to the “Endocannabinoid System” (“As Essential  to the body as Multi-Vitamins”) in every human being.

The consumers of this generation are mostly informed & shopping more consciously aware to alkaline, herbal & natural foods without processed (foods/oils/nturietnts etc.) We at shoreganix pride ourselves, our products & relationships because they are genuine. Shoreganix LLC. & our affiliated non-profit organization, the Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.( work to ensure the products, business models & cannabis being brought into our communites meets a standard of healthcare. We are people in Recovery, we support quality products. If you have a genuine, healthy product/service/innovation, contact us & let’s collaberate!

Our growing event base, Jersey Cannabis Network ( is expanding within infrastructure at the moment. We are working with other groups in Jersey City & Atlantic City, to establish regular event locations, focused on Cannabis culture, networking & small business developement. Without local community inclusion, cannabis will continue facing opposition. There are medical patients including the founder of this organization who are banned/prohibited from cultivating the miracle medicine of “Marijuana”. The Jesey Cannabis Network is expanding to spread the message of healthy, patient-specific cannabis regimens, comunity/consumer education. To get involved with the Jersey Cannabis Network event base, expandint from Asbury Park to Jersey City & Atlantic City – email:


The Jersey Cannabis Network 

Expanding by the day, the network is a hybrid of advocacy & business, formed by Shoreganix LLC.  The “J.C.N” is working to unite patients, citizens, community leaders, grass roots “Canna-business” & all seeking to contribute to educated, cultural, cannabis networking events!

The J.C.N. is hosting both private & public events, to celebrate initiatives of the Asbury Park Community Inc., Shoreganix LLC. Business Innovation,  as well as Hemp Harvest Holiday Events! 

Join the Network: & request to join the mailing list. For more information on the growing network make sure to contact us directly and visit!

Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.

A non-profit organization formed in 2016, by Bandon P. Chewey of Asbury Park, NJ

The organizations was established by people in recovery of terminal suffering, addiction & passionate herbalists from throughout the “Garden State”, NJ. The “A.P.C.C. Inc.” works to educate others to the vast alternative methods of recovery offered by cannabis. The latest U.S. study (‘Time’-2019) shows legalized cannabis states have seen a decrease between 20%-35% in Opioid overdoses.

We have seen cannabis relieve the addiction in our communities. It is truly an exit drug from addiction & the entrance herb to the New Jersey Criminal Justice System.

Membership, Questions?

Donate to the APCC here

Get involved:

Shoreganix LLC.

A company that formed off of advocacy & passion to inform the masses of natural, healing cannabinoid blends of Hemp & Cannabis.

Shoreganix loves promoting the New Jersey Cannabis Community! Our background is within cultivation, green house architecture, composting, Cannabis/Hemp Educational, Networking & Celebratory Events via the Jersey Cannabis Network.

View our Digital Media Productions: on our youtube channel ( and featured above on the homepage. We have a team of graphic artist & sound/video producers to enhance YOUR message!

We are original Jersey Shore Cannabis Innovators & farmers of seeking to further self-sustainable, organic, living soil & other eco/health friendly agricultural architecture.

Stay informed of upcoming Events, Product Releases, Coming Dispensaries & Initiatives set forth to Reform Drug Policy for US Cannabis.