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Full Spectrum, Quality CBD & Certified Organic Hemp

1,500 mg | 30 ml | Full Spctrum, Certified Organic CBD Oil
1 Gram - Shoreganix, Ful Spectrum CBD Shatter
80 MG/Gram Full Spectrum CBD
Shoreganix CBD Lotion
375 MG | Fulll Spectrum Blend | 2.79oz Container | Vitamin-D, Lavendar & Eucalyptus CBD Lotion

Shoreganix LLC. supports the innovation of CBD & cannabis regmiens as an alternative to opioid medication. Our successful Cannabinoid Regimens began with a combination of THC & CBD oils, infusion & extractions, used to treat the chronic “Opiate Epidemic”.  Over the last 6 years we have found recovery from Addiction & Terminal suffering from opioid pills using combound blends of cannabis/hemp cannabindoids. These “Cannabinoids” are essential to the “Endocannabinoid System” (“As Essential  to the body as Multi-Vitamins”) in every human being.

Welcome to Shoreganix LLC.’s online forum! Here we will present our multiple cannabinoid innovations, current herbal health advancement & the representation of Tristate Hemp farmers as well as Hemp products throughout the U.S.A. Founded in late 2016, Shoreganix has built a network of Tristate Area Hemp farmers, CBD Distribution Facilities, local NJ Cannabis Advocates & Herbal Medicine Pioneers. 

We have helped countless individuals obtain relief from suffering (Customer Testimonials Available Upon Request), via CBD/THC regimens designed to fit the “Patient-Specific Diagnosis” (Shoreganix is compliant with all state & federal laws when recommending dosing levels of cannabinoids to our clients, based off of our own Research & the Internationally Approved Scientific Standards of Cannabis/Hemp as a medicine).

Have you ever heard someone say,
“I tried Cannabis & it made me feel strange, it’s just not for me“?

This is due to one simple factor. The Cannabis the individual had consumed did not fit that individuals, specific Endocannabinoid System (E.C.S). Each individual human being has an E.C.S. that reacts differently to the many different cannabinoids (113) within the Cannabis-Ruderalis Plant A.K.A. “Marijauna”. Many of these cannabinoids, combined create some of the most beneficial CBD & THC products for Alternative Medicine Releif. We continue to have clients acheive recovery from suffering & addiction via herbal regimens/routines.

For Example, a person with an anxiety disorder, or insomnia disorder, shouldn’t be consuming a sativa strain of marijuana. Just like the person seeking energy, euphoria & uplifting would want to stay away from an indica strain of cannabis. However, that isn’t always the case either. Each human being will have a different reaction to the various strains of marijuana. For more info  on memebership withing the ,  Contact Shoreganix today for a free consultation:

  • Cultivation Architecture & Production Innovation (organic methods, self-sustaining & mass production)
  • Strain & Cannabinoid Preservation. (A Collective of Cultivar Building Shoreganix TM Cannabinoid Blends)
  • Brand Collaberation (Shoreganix LLC. works w/ mutliple companies within a Network of Jersey Shore Members
  • Contant us to Join the Jersey Shore Hemp Exchange. A members only network of farmers, CBD suppliers & OG Pioneers from across the herbal medicine industry! Contact for Membership Application

Since 2019, the Agricultural Act of 2014 was amended, (‘Farm Bill’) allowing for the state to state sale of Hemp plant material, seeds & flower as long as the entire plant material possesses less than 0.3% THC: Tetrahydrocannbidioil. Browse the site, contact us for information regarding herbal healthcare, connections to the best hemp farms, CBD quality Organic Products in the Tristate area & events to unite our network of Jersey Shore! 

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The Jersey Cannabis Network

Farmers, Sponsors, Members:

The Jersey Cannabis Network 

Expanding by the day, the network is a hybrid of advocacy & business, formed by Shoreganix LLC.  The “J.C.N” is working to unite patients, citizens, community leaders, grass roots “Canna-business” & all seeking to contribute to educated, cultural, cannabis networking events!

The J.C.N. is hosting both private & public events, to celebrate initiatives of the Asbury Park Community Inc., Shoreganix LLC. Business Innovation,  as well as Hemp Harvest Holiday Events! 

Join the Network: & request to join the mailing list. For more information on the growing network make sure to contact us directly and visit!

Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.

A non-profit organization formed in 2016, by Bandon P. Chewey of Asbury Park, NJ

The organizations was established by people in recovery of terminal suffering, addiction & passionate herbalists from throughout the “Garden State”, NJ. The “A.P.C.C. Inc.” works to educate others to the vast alternative methods of recovery offered by cannabis. The latest U.S. study (‘Time’-2019) shows legalized cannabis states have seen a decrease between 20%-35% in Opioid overdoses.

We have seen cannabis relieve the addiction in our communities. It is truly an exit drug from addiction & the entrance herb to the New Jersey Criminal Justice System.

Membership, Questions?

Donate to the APCC here

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Shoreganix LLC.

A company that formed off of advocacy & passion to inform the masses of natural, healing cannabinoid blends of Hemp & Cannabis.

Shoreganix loves promoting the New Jersey Cannabis Community! Our background is within cultivation, green house architecture, composting, Cannabis/Hemp Educational, Networking & Celebratory Events via the Jersey Cannabis Network.

View our Digital Media Productions: on our youtube channel ( and featured above on the homepage. We have a team of graphic artist & sound/video producers to enhance YOUR message!

We are original Jersey Shore Cannabis Innovators & farmers of seeking to further self-sustainable, organic, living soil & other eco/health friendly agricultural architecture.

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