Shoreganix LLC. supports the innovation of CBD & cannabis regmiens as an alternative to opioid medication. Our successful Cannabinoid Regimens began with a combination of THC & CBD oils, infusion & extractions, used to treat the chronic “Opiate Epidemic”.¬† Over the last 6 years we have found recovery from Addiction & Terminal suffering from opioid pills using combound blends of cannabis/hemp cannabindoids. These “Cannabinoids” are essential to the “Endocannabinoid System” (“As Essential¬† to the body as Multi-Vitamins”) in every human being. Our “Patient-Specific”, Cannabinoid blends of wellness are living testament to the very fact that cannabis holds medicinal value to a nature that we have yet to fully research on a legal level due to federal laws. Shoreganix is confident, through partnership, collaberation & with the continued positive feedback from our CBD/THC Products, we will continue to produce nothing but top shelf competitor in the Hemp as well as the Cannabis industry when it comes to:

100% Certified Organic, Full Spectrum Quality, Compounds Blends of Recovery – “Know Your Farmer” – Shoreganix CBD/Alternative Medicine Solutions.

Through our years of increased community volunteerism of assisting in the recovery of those suffering from both terminal illness & addiction, we continue to build relationships of innovative cannabis industry companies both local & foreign to the state of New Jersey. Since we established the Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. in 2016, the non-profit organization continues to usher information, connect suffering New Jersey citizens find local Medical Marijuana Prescribing Doctors & Hosting Even &ts around the Jersey Shore to represent companies/services of the Cannabis/Hemp Industry. In February of 2019, Shoreganix L.L.C. Debuted, The Jersey Cannabis Network! – An Event Network for everyone 21+, seeking Medical Marijuana Information, Innovation & Relationships w/ Leading Voices in the New Jersey Cannabis Community! (Free Applications: Click Here)

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The Jersey Cannabis Network

New Jersey’s Cannabis information Business & Community Network:

In 2019, the Agricultural Act of 2014 was amended, (‘Farm Bill’) allowing for the state to state sale of Hemp plant material, seeds & flower. We (SHOREGANIX L.L.C.) took this opportunity to create the Jersey Cannabis Network,  which debuted in February of 2019! The “J.C.N.” began growing rapidly shortly after its 2.2019 Debut! We hosted 5 more events  information regarding herbal healthcare, connections to the best hemp farms, C.B.D. quality Organic Products in the Tristate area & events to unite our network of Jersey Shore!

View our work in real-time! Shoreganix has been logging our events, speaking commitments & volunteerism with the “Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.” on our YouTube Channel! – If your in the industry of hemp/cannabis & your seeking to build, innovate & create positive relationships with e View our Events, Cannabiz Promotion & Private Company Sessions & subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more information, demonstrations & cannabis culture debuting this year 2020+!

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  • Cultivation Architecture & Production Innovation (organic methods, self-sustaining & mass production)
  • Strain & Cannabinoid Preservation. (A Collective of Cultivar Building Shoreganix TM Cannabinoid Blends)
  • Brand Collaberation (Shoreganix L.L.C. works w/ multiple companies within a Network of Jersey Shore Members
  • Contant us to Join the Jersey Shore Hemp Exchange. A members only network of farmers, CBD suppliers & “O.G.” Pioneers from across the herbal medicine industry! Contact for Membership Application

Jersey Cannabis Network – Membership (Free):

Stay informed of upcoming Events, Product Releases, Coming Dispensaries & Initiatives set forth to Reform Drug Policy for US Cannabis.