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Shoreganix LLC. supports the innovation of CBD & cannabis regmiens as an alternative to opioid medication. Our successful Cannabinoid Regimens began with a combination of THC & CBD oils, infusion & extractions, used to treat the chronic “Opiate Epidemic” of those suffering, specifically among many other chronic illnesses. As individuals in recovery, we take the time to invest in quality products to ensure our products work to truly relieve suffering, on an individual level. Successful recovery is obtained by meeting the individuals ailments specifically & fulfilling the cannabinoid deficiency. We take pride in assisting people recover, so we ensure our products do the same!

Cannabinoid? Terpernes? If this is foreign to you, contact us. Set up a Cannabis consultation. Your body has an Endocannaboinoid System, (ECS) it is effected by every sickness the human body encounters. If you are NOT consuming a CBD supplement, you have a cannabinoid deficiency.

*OUR PRODUCTS GENUINELY HELP PEOPLE* Contact for a consultation! Products & Lab Results Below!

Shoreganix spends time perfecting heat extraction processes, the foundation of our product, which we extract, infuse & distill. This specific & selective process of our cannabinoid blend, “Terpene Dream” has been engineered to best suit the individual diagnosis. We’ve extracted the most medically beneficial cannabinoids (in our experience) from the plant & have client testimonails to share upon request. Our clients are in recovery, using our CBD. Shoreganix is blessed to have the trust our clients give us in helping them distinguish the best blends for their endocannabinoid system. Our experience allows us to recomend strains of medical maijuana (referred to an ATC facility in NJ) & CBD products made by Shoreganix, on an individual basis to best achieve successful recovery for all those suffering without access to Cannabinoid wellness.

How many companies are transparent enough to place their CBD lab results Online? We provide quality products that aid in the recovery of several officially unknown terminal illnesses, deficiencies & addictions. Shoreganix LLC. is 100% transparent in our efforts, dedicated to improving products & client recovery via cannabinoid medicine.


Shoreganix LLC. is pleased to present the Jersey Shore Cannabis Network & the Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc. Our owner & founder, Brandon Chewey of Asbury Park, NJ has founded these organizations as a citizen healing from a decade of “opioid-use disorder”, recovering via “medical marijauna”. We are uniting these organizations to promote QUALITY products, grow methods, plant science knowledge by the many local companies that assist in allowing experienced horticulturists to thrive, join together, SET EGO’s ASIDE to create a Cannabis Community in New Jersey with a foundation of patient healthcare, local community market & the laws for the betterment of community wellness. Contact us to become a member of the Network. We are inclusive to all! Info@JCNetwork.org

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