A Recap New Jersey Cannabis in 2019

A Recap New Jersey Cannabis in 2019

Shoreganix is taking a look back on Cannabis in New Jersey this year, 2019. A quick recap of what has taken place regarding legalization, patient access & the slow process of Big Business take-over in the “Garden State”.

2019 is ending & New Jersey has only 6 “A.T.C”, (Alternative Treatment Centers) while another 6 licenses have been awarded over a year ago but are not yet accessible to the public. NJ has over 56,000 Medical Marijuana Patients (N.J.M.MP.) & they are prohibited patient home cultivation provisions.

We Started this Network for the Communities across New Jersey. If we didn’t start this event base, “Corporate Cannabis” would be hosting investor meetings, not educating our communities.
The Jersey Cannabis Network, (founded by Shoreganix LLC. & The Asbury Park Cannabis Comunity Inc.) welcomes ALL those seeking Cannabis Gatherings to GET INVOLVED with the Jersey Cannabis Network! Meet other like-minded patients & entrepreneurs, grow your own network & establish an event base in your community! Well Help You!
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56,000 patrons, only 6 facilities & the program was established for the terminally-ill; many whom already have extreme limited mobility. They are forced to travel to 1 of 6 facilities statewide in 2019. To say the least, the business & legal investment of this industry has already taken control of the industry- pushing out the care for local economy, health & innovation. Freedom is still needed by patients of cannabis in New Jersey as prices are not affordable for terminally-ill, fixed income patients of NJ Medical Marijuana.

In short, Shoreganix LLC. is grateful New Jersey is undergoing a “Medical Marijuana Expansion” for the patients of the state of NJ at the moment. However, until prohibition is lifted, patients of this medicine are not permitted to cultivate (a therapy/herb less toxic than alcohol which is legal to brew from home) & breed strains of “Patient-Specific” Cannabis, at affordable rates at local adult markets/stores. The current cost of this medical herb that is NOT covered by medical insurance runs between $350-$520 per ounce of Medical Marijuana at the A.T.C. facilities. These facilities are constantly out of stock of marijuana, or have limited options (which don’t help the patient that needs a “Patient-Specific” strain of “medical marijuana”) this year causing patient outrage!

Withholding the opportunity of patients of “N.J.M.M.P.” the opportunity to grow certain strains of cannabis that are specific to the healthcare of the individual patient, New Jersey is holding back life-saving, patient access for the individual that is seeking an alternative from addictive pills.

That is how Shoreganix came to foundation. A company owner’s addiction to opiates lead to an initiative of recovery via cannabis, diet & structure. As Shoreganix LLC. promotes the use of CBD oil & Cannabis to adults over the use of narcotic pills. We hope the NJMMP would do the same by offering patients the access to cannabis as it should be freely grown, gifted & consumed in certain locations deemed “safe”.

For now, we advocate, educate & help other patients as best we can. That’s what the Cannabis Community of New Jersey does… Despite differences, NJ patients have stuck together to fight through 2019 and 2020 for our rights to access the flower that is saving our lives from pills.

NJMMP Patient Grow is Needed:

After the house voted down bill SB2703, proposed by Senator Nick Scutari, many other promising legalization bills by both NJ Assembly Members like Patrick Carrol’s Bill A4193.

Shoreganix advice to everyone reading this. Do your own research. There are 1,000’s of video’s on YouTube that present quality information on cannabis/hemp health & business. Don’t be persuaded by the “local buzz” unless the “local buzz” is growing your medicine. Shoreganix like to remind everyone to “Know Your Farmer” when it comes to Hemp, CBD & Cannabis Products. Many claim to grow “organic cannabis”, when in fact they are using “synthetic nutrients” that claim to be “100% organic”, but are filled with Plant Growth Regulators containing toxicity. So, again – join you local Canabis Community, stay informed, do your own research & continue to advocate for better cannabis law in New Jersey.

NJ is one of few states still prohibiting their medical patients from home grow oportunity), fixed income patients are being forced to choose between one of 2 options in obtaining healthcare:

  1. The Terminal, Fixed income patient can pay for Expensive Medical Marijuana (not covered by insurance) & have no money for food or rent.
  2. The Terminal, Fixed income patient can go back on the opioids (FREE WITH MEDICAID) allowing them to afford opioids, rent & food.

This is not a successful choice/method for our patients, suffering needlessly without marijuana & offered addictive opiates for free with medicaid. This is fueling the opioid epidemic, addiction, the crime rate, private prison, probation & that is why NJ has yet to legalize. “I’ve Spoken to all the police chiefs of New Jersey & they have all openly been against marijuana legalization as marijuana prohibition is among their primary source of income.” – J.H. Barr Esq. (Spoken at our 7/10 Panel Discussion, available below.

Jersey Cannabis Network – 7/10/19

For Individual Panel Speaker Videos & Event Video’s Click Here & Check Our Media

Shoreganix was formed by people in Recovery, seeking to innovate the plant of cannabis. In New Jersey we offer our grow specialists, extraction engineers, master gardener’s & patients advocates/educators to those seeking information or help. Shoreganix Owner, Brandon Chewey gained recovery from the therapuetic value in growing cannabis legally in californaia, licensed to grow 99 plants as a patient – he learned the extreme effects of cannabis & the need for a patient-specific regimen to establish recovery with “Medical Marijuana”.

“Often, the infusions, oils & extractions made to heal patients of the NJMMP call to use pounds of cannabis flower/trimmings, not available to the NJ patient without home cultivation. A patient can never get hash in New Jersey among other healing compounds of the plant. They are holding us back to establish a market for themselves (government), big pharma & private prison. We’re going to keep educating against the rhetoric and corruption of New Jersey’s transition to “Legalization” (A Buy-Out by the Elite, NJ millionaire club of Campaign Donors). The Governor gave one of 6 facilities to one of his largest campaign donors, a woman with no knowledge of the plant. New Jersey continue’s to raffle off licenses to friends of friends of the DOH & Governor Phil Murphy, rather than local, experienced middle class citizens – They are asking for an expanded black market & have proposed little to no legislation for citizen expungement which will fuel the criminal justice system, while a select group of licensees is free from Federal & state law to Grow in the “Garden State”? The Corruption & Greed of the NJ Cannabis industry is mind boggling & inhumane. #KnowYourFarmer ” – Founder, Brandon Chewey.

We Continue to be here and other places, speaking unpopular truth to shed light on subjects withholding patients from access, opportunity & utalitarian health care. Shoreganix is always here for patients, businesses & the canna-curious patient/entrepreneur seeking education or basic consultation. We are here for everyone & that is why Shoreganix LLC. continues to support The Asbury Park Cannabis Community Inc.. Our local, Asbury Park non-profit Cannabis Community hosting events, referring patients to doctors, dispensaries & the latest strains to hit the Garden State~!

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