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Established, 2017, Shoreganix LLC.
A Cannabinoid Research & Development Company; focused on Facility Architecture, Business Networking Events & Supply Chain Facilitation.

Over years of relationship building, improved social understanding of our organizations, we’ve attracted many local leaders. Shoreganix LLC continues to educate the other families & individuals suffering Terminal Illness & Addiction. has been assisting around the Jersey Shore (Asbury Park, NJ) for over 11 years via referrals & network affiliations.

In 2015, we began Advocating alongside other Asbury Park, New Jersey Drug Policy Reform Activists. Founder & CEO, Shoreganix LLC., Brandon Chewey suffered an 11 year Opioid-Use Disorder & is now helping other businesses establish roots across our network via consultation.

Shoreganix LLC. continues to write curriculum for client-specific recovery from terminal suffering & addiction. Our Event Network “Jersey Cannabis Network” is always welcome to new affiliates seeking education on alternative medicine industry development.

We are always welcoming new affiliates seeking a network of educated leaders  to join our personal & professional event networks! Shoreganix LLC. works to ensure our facilities are architected via self-sustainable methods, possess a reliable supply chain local to the Northeast U.S.A. & offers consulting services to those seeking to gain information from Professionals within the compliance of Alternative Treatment Facility Development (Architecture, Compliance, Advertising & Network Promotion) to plugin to our network (Est. 2019) of over 350+ businesses affiliates across the Tri State Area!

– Info@shoreganix.com

Shoreganix LLC.

Seeking the latest in Cannabis Developement Jersey Shore? Our roots are deep here in Asbury Park, NJ & our friendships (developed over years of NJ Cannabis advocacy & litigation) extend throughout the Garden State. Our events at Porta in Asbury Park, NJ hold value to both businesses and conumsers in meeting & presenting information necessary to embrace the coming industry!

  • Monthly Networking Opportunities @ Shoreganix Cannabis
  • Cannabis Industry Consultation – Property, Investments, Branding, Networks, Infrastructure
  • Recovery Coaching – Upon Request, Shoreganix LLC. has a team of certified Recovery Advisors. We have found EXTREME, life-changing recovery in our clients who have made the transition from harmful opioid regimens to our cannabis diet regiments. 
  • Jersey Cannabis Network – Shoreganix LLC. will continue to host annual events across the Jersey Shore, to instill the proper education for patients, businesses & all citizens regarding the facts of the herbal medicine industry. The medicine of cannabis is changing the Garden State. Contact Shoreganix, lets unite, tap in to your local business network & educate a community near you!

Looking to host educational events in your community?

There is endless information available when researching the medicine & industry of cannabis. Seeking to spark informative events in your community?

We offer our vast network of cannabis advocates, businesses & educators to help those advocating/lobbying for better access, cannabis conferences & patient rights movements.

Conferences / Events / Consultations – We Are Available to Present & Set up Events for your business network as well!

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