With the coming changes of cannabis legalization to New Jersey, it is important to Shoreganix LLC. & team, that we take the necessary steps to educate our communities & protect the needs of our local citizens economies. We focus on assisting recovery, producing quality products & creating quality relationships within the cities where the residents work 60 hours a week to get by. We work for those neglected. Bringing quality & education where there is corruption & greed.

As individuals in recovery from one of life’s chronic illnesses, we take our own CBD/THC products daily (request a consultation), now we’re sharing our CBD after 8 months of perfecting our recipe of full spectrum CBD to assure our clients are supplied with quality cannabis products

The Cannabis Industy is ever-changing, with healthcare remedies, products & services that continue to evolve our everyday lives. We are abiding all NJ laws, as patients and researchers of cannabis, we help evolve the market & help those in need of herbal wellness. Reach out! We’re in recovery thanks to the miracles of marijuana!

Our mission is focused to keep the Jersey Shore up to date on the latest Cannabis Products, Facilities, Science, Education & Services available to your NJ community!


Shoreganig LLC. has positioned our efforts to embrace all parts of the cannabis industry. Located in Asbury Park, NJ, Shoreganix began in 2014 after the expansion the  New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP).

Since 2014, we have developed an infrastructure capable of maintaining a successful & steady client base capable of hosting educational cannabis events that have grown into a vast network of local business owners & citizens. Our mission remains to connect people & organizations, for the betterment of cannabis evolution in New Jersey.

Seeking the latest in Cannabis Developement Jersey Shore? Our roots are deep here in Asbury Park, NJ & our friendships (developed over years of NJ Cannabis advocacy & litigation) extend throughout the Garden State. Our events at Porta in Asbury Park, NJ hold value to both businesses and conumsers in meeting & presenting information necessary to embrace the coming industry!

  • Monthly Networking Opportunities @ Shoreganix Cannabis
  • Cannabis Industry Consultation – Property, Investments, Branding, Networks, Infrastructure
  • Recovery Coaching – Upon Request, Shoreganix LLC. has a team of certified Recovery Advisors. We have found EXTREME, life-changing recovery in our clients who have made the transition from harmful opioid regimens to our cannabis diet regiments. *FREE FIRST CONSULTATION* (e-mail or call)
  • Jersey Shore Cannabis Network – Shoreganix LLC. will continue to host annual events across the Jersey Shore, to instill the proper education for patients, businesses & all citizens regarding cannabis as a medicine. The medicine of cannabis is changing the Garden State. Contact Shoreganix, lets unite & educate a community near you!

Looking to host educational events in your community?

There is endless information available when researching the medicine & industry of cannabis. Seeking to spark informative events in your community?

We offer our vast network of cannabis advocates, businesses & educators to help those advocating/lobbying for better access, cannabis conferences & patient rights movements.

Conferences / Events – We Are Available to Present

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